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the shady file III



The lesser demon ran through the castle with his head lowered, slowing down every time he came across one of the higher demons. He greeted each of them individually when he passed them by, as was custom, and once they had returned his greetings - primarily in the form of punches or kicks to various parts of his body - he resumed his journey to the throne room that lay in the center of the castle.

This is the last time you red beasts torture me and look down on me, he thought. Our Demon Lord will be greatly pleased with what I have found. He will make me a captain, if not a general. And then it will be my turn. My turn to kick and spit on your ghastly red hides. My turn to pull and poke at your wings. My turn to grab your horns and slam you into walls and doors.

The lesser demon stopped when he neared the throne room and took a few deep breaths. He slowly walked to its humongous doors; two large, shiny, black, rectangular pieces of metal, that had as many spikes on them as they did skulls. The lesser demon examined the skulls while he waited for the guards who stood outside the door to knock on it. The metal the door was made of covered the skulls in most places. However, there were a few protrusions that the metal had not reached. The demon smelled them.

They’re real, he thought, when the faint scents that still lingered in them reached his large, wide nostrils. They’re actually real. These are the bounties the Demon Lord has collected over many centuries. Amazing!

The doors opened a great while after the guards had knocked on it. The lesser demon didn’t care. How long he had to wait for made no difference to him. The reward he expected to receive was worth it. He walked into the throne room when the guards within motioned for him to do so. They were magnificent beasts, the largest demons he had seen. Their skin burnt a fiery red, their eyes a bright yellow, and their large wings gently flapped behind their backs. Their horns were large and, just like their wings, colored a shiny black. They protruded from different parts of their heads; some guards had horns that came out from the front of their foreheads, while others had horns that came out from the sides of their heads instead. The horns were of different shapes as well, and no two guards had the same horns. Some were mostly straight and pointy, some zigzagged menacingly, while the rest were flatter and more curved.

Large black spikes came out of the different parts of the bodies of every guard. The lesser demon had spikes too, although they weren’t as large, or as intimidating, or present in as many parts of his body. He had short spikes that came out of his shoulders and a few on his thin, long tail. The guards’ bodies, however, had spikes in all sorts of places. Long, black spikes, as sharp as the tooth of the most ferocious of dragons, protruded out of their back, along their spines, all the way till the tip of their long, thick tails. Their shoulders, their elbows, their knees and their toes had spikes coming out of them as well. Even their knuckles, and the joints of their toes, had tiny spikes on them. The lesser demon cursed his luck as he walked through the room while observing them enviously.

Why was I born this way? he thought. Why couldn’t I be like them? My existence would have been so different. Look at their hair. Long, white, and oh so magnificent. Their pony tails reach all the way to their waist. Oh well. It doesn’t matter now, does it? I may not have their looks but my status will soon surpass them.

“What is it, you pest?” the Demon Lord asked, as the lesser demon approached his throne and bowed. “Why do you bother me and my succubi?”

The Demon Lord was larger than the guards, in every possible way, and yet, the throne he sat on dwarfed him. It was as black as the doors to the room, and was made up entirely of the skulls and other skeletal parts of his prey over the years. The Demon Lord’s blacksmiths were brought in every time he killed a legendary creature, and it was their job to find ways to add the most distinctive parts of that creature’s skeleton to the Demon Lord’s throne. The various skeletal pieces that made up the throne were strengthened and held together by soaking them in the same metal that made up the throne room’s door.

A number of naked succubi flitted about the Demon Lord’s bright, burning red frame. A few sat in his lap and near his legs, and eagerly licked and sucked the various parts of his groin, while others played with his long, white hair and his magnificent, humongous wings, which were spread outward in all their glory. Many of them moaned softly as they rubbed their chests against his large arms and wide chest. Two of the succubi had wrapped their legs around the Demon Lord’s palms, and they moaned loudly as his fingers played with their nether regions.

“Speak, pest!” the Demon Lord screamed, as his eyes, which shone a bright gold, lit up, snapping the lesser demon out of the trance that observing the succubi had put him in.

“I have found her, my Lord,” the lesser demon mumbled.

“Who have you found, pest?” the Demon Lord growled and said, baring his large, sharp golden teeth. “Do not toy with me.”

“The last fairy, my Lord,” the lesser demon replied.

“Have you now?” the Demon Lord asked, as his scowl turned into a smile. The succubi that had pressed his palms between their legs suddenly began to scream uncontrollably. It took the lesser demon a few moments to realize that their screams were out of pleasure and not pain, and were the work of the Demon Lord’s fingers. Just as the screams of the succubi reached their peak, the Demon Lord cast them aside and let out a big laugh.

“Nobody climaxes before me,” he roared, as he stood up and sent the various succubi that had attached themselves to his body flying in all directions.

The lesser demon bowed once more as the Demon Lord approached him.

“Are you sure it is her?” the Demon Lord asked, as he picked the lesser demon up by one horn with his left hand.

“Yes, my Lord. There is no doubt,” the lesser demon winced and said.

“Very well then, pest. Show me.”

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