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“TEDESKIMMA is an audacious undertaking with bold scope and an urgent morality" – Gregg Sapp, author

What is a SKIMMA? An animal? A toy? A lucky charm? A shoulder to cry on? Yes, and also no. 

The three-mooned planet UWA is very much like our own and the OSZA who live there are very much like us. As the SKIMMA passes from one OSZA to the next, it witnesses drug addiction and child abuse, religion and superstition, oppression and poverty. It also sees love, family, and hope. Each OSZA leaves their mark on the little SKIMMA... but it leaves its mark on them, too. 

Eleven lives, connected by a single SKIMMA, at the mercy of a dark and unforgiving alien planet. TEDESKIMMA is A Clockwork Orange for Trump-era America, and anyone looking for a literary dystopia written with the keen observation of Vonnegut, the sharp wit of Atwood, and the humanity of Butler needs to read it. 

"A slow-burning narrative that takes some very surprising and satisfying twists along the way. ...I'd certainly recommend TEDESKIMMA to literary fiction fans everywhere." –  K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite



Part One: Una

Part Two: Omli

Part Three: Buns

Part Four: Obr

Part Five: Diin

Part Six: Vondur








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